Our Expertise
PET Strapping


      Stability, shock-resistance and especially high seal efficiency are vital to transport security. Tailored to Fromm strapping systems and equipment, STARstrap™, STARstrap -plus™ and STARstrap -ULTRA™ guarantee optimal protection and safety for your products. Our synergy is your advantage!
      The manufacturing of our PET strap is subject to permanent quality control. This involves:

  • Raw material checks
  • Monitoring specifications during production
  • QC testing of products after manufacturing and before leaving the factory including:
  • Break strength
  • Splitting
  • Seal efficiency
  • Camber

       Quality control is carried out in accordance with stringent standards and uses automated, state-of-the-art test equipment.
       Furthermore in the Application Center tests are continuously carried out for new products and improved specifications in order to meet rising customer requirements. Comprehensive knowhow and state-of-the-art test rigs make for innovative products.

 Semiautomatic sheet strapping
Wire cool strapping
Steel sheet strapping and wrapping
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