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Different applications require different strapping solutions. All our STARstrap™ plastic straps are designed to perfectly suit the customer’s requirement for his packaging solution.

STARstrap™ plastic straps are produced in the FROMM production centers exclusively from recycled polyester bottle material on modern state-of-the-art extrusion lines.
STARstrap™ has become a viable alternative to replace steel strapping in many heavy-duty industries like baling, bundling, palletizing and unitizing applications.
The advantages in comparison to steel strapping are that the PET strap doesn’t rust and/or stain products when strapped, furthermore the PET strap is also safer to handle than steel strap and will not likely damage any equipment used. Furthermore it is more cost-effective
Its elongation and retain tension characteristics help the STARstrap™ stay tight over longer periods and absorb any impact without breaking.

Depending on the security requirements during transport there are three main product groups:


STARstrap™ polyester straps are designed for medium to heavy-duty palletizing and unitizing applications. Mainly this strap is used with hand tools. But it can also be used with automatic strapping heads depending on application. The polyester strap performs for higher break strengths and maintains a higher level of retain tension over long periods in comparison to polypropylene straps. The polyester strap also shows far better performances under hot and/or humid conditions than other plastic straps.

- This product group is obtainable in widths between 9 mm to 19 mm. It can be used for strapping paper / cardboard, timber batches, rocks, cans and plastic products.

STARstrap - Plus™

STARstrap - Plus™is a further developed version and distinguishes itself with a very high seal efficiency, high edge stability and no splitting. This type of strap is thus particularly suited to meet the high requirements involved in securing products during transportation. Amongst others STARstrap ��"plus™ is used for the strapping of:
• Sharp-edged and heavy packages in the metal (Steel coils etc.) and construction materials industry (Bricks etc.)
• Highly compressed textile bales
• Wood and Timber industry
• Aluminum industry

STARstrap - Plus™ is obtainable in widths ranging from 9 mm to 32 mm. It is increasingly used to convert from steel strapping to polyester strapping and are ideal for processing with FROMM strapping machines of the P series and on systems with the FROMM strapping units MH600 and MH610.

STARstrap - ULTRA™

STARstrap - ULTRA™ is designed to be a high tech strap with extremely great tensile strength and seal efficiency. It replaces high strength steel strap in heavy applications, especially in the metalworking industry. In combination with the latest generation of FROMM tools P330 and P360 it meets highest demands of securing your products.

STARstrap - ULTRA™ is obtainable in widths ranging from 19 mm to 32mm.

All our polyester straps are available in various colors as per your request. Our standard color is green.

In our Thailand plant we are producing following types of coils:
• Standard coils approx. 20 to 22 kg each, depending on dimension (for most economical loading of containers)
• Jumbo coils approx. 75 to 80 kg each, depending on dimension
• Super jumbo coils approx 270 to 280 kg each, depending on dimension

Additional we are also able to print your company name or your logo onto the straps with our ink jet printer. The most suitable color to be printed with is black.

(means economic and technology).
To increase our competiveness in the market we developed the ECOTEC strap for certain dimensions. This is a new way to produce the strap within our specification but to a more economic price. The only difference is the lower minimum break load compared to our Embossed version of the same dimension. We reckon that for most of the applications using these dimensions the ECOTEC version meets all the requirements. All the other quality issues like seal efficiency, corner break etc. are at the same level as the other versions.

Standard color : Green, Black
Tolerance(mm) : Width ± 0.4
Tolerance(mm) : Thickness ± 0.03
Standard core size(mm): 406 Ø x 150
Jumbo core size(mm): 406 Ø x 195
Super jumbo core size(mm): 406 Ø x 300
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